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Deep Relaxation Journey by Ela Satyam

An individual or a couple session, which lasts three hours.

 The whole purpose of this session is to bring deep relaxation and awaken the body back to life. 

By working with the body, the breathing and tying ropes.


The DEEP RELAXATION is an individual or a couple session, which lasts three hours. The whole purpose of this session is to bring deep relaxation and awaken the body back to life By working with the body, the breathing and tying ropes.

This session was created by combining 2 amazing methods: Pulsation and Shibari. 

What is Pulsation?

Pulsation is a method for self-exploration, growth, personal transformation and meditation. This method works through the body and the life energy system, to restore to ourselves the vitality and natural aliveness and authentic expressiveness, to bring deep relaxation, pleasure and release tensions from the body through work with the body and breathing, bio energy, emotional release and de-armoring  processes. (More about Pulsation)

What is Shibari?

Shibari, sometimes called Japanese rope bondage or "kinbaku" is a modern form of rope bondage which originated in Japan. The term "shibari" means "tying" and "kinbaku" means "tight binding." The two are used interchangeably, and refer to the same type of play. Put simply, Shibari involves tying someone up with ropes. Sometimes this involves sex, with couples tying each other into certain positions and sometimes the fun is just about the tying itself.  But historically, it’s been used as a form of meditation, relaxation, and trust-building practice between two people.

The combination of Pulsation and Shibari 

After about 6 years of working with this method, guiding groups and personal processes, I was introduced to Shibari where I experienced devotion, relaxation and the release of control that brings deep relaxation. The combination between Pulsation and Shibari immediately connected to me because both the ropes and pulsation support deep relaxation and the awakening of life energy, trust in life and remembrance of our essence, our soul. 

After giving sessions that proved to be very beautiful, the Deep Relaxation Journey was born.

After dozens of sessions, I can say that everyone who experiences the session finishes it in a very relaxed state, yet full of aliveness! And it doesn't matter in what state they came to the session: how much stress and tension was in the body and how busy their lives are with no time to breathe and no ability to let go even when there is time. Something very beautiful is created when loving presence, a rope and deep breathing meet.

This session gives you the opportunity to release the tasks of the day, the pressure, the stress, the tense and the painful body, the responsibilities and the control. 3 hours hours in which you will dedicate yourself to a journey that I will take you through with love and presence.

What will happen during the session?

The session will start by connecting you to your body, to the energy and the aliveness in you and releasing tentions and stress from the body by working with the body and with the breathing, De-armoring and emotional release tools. at this stage we will remove initial tensions from your body through exercises with the body, opening the body to full and deep breathing, charging the body with life force energy through movement, breathing and voice and we will allow everything that wants expression to express itself and be released in a safe and loving space. Then, the breath will be more open, the body more relaxed and the mind quiet.

At that point, we will move on to the second part of the session where I will guide you to total relaxation while ropes are tied to your body and to the tying are attached different qualities of energy that manifests through you directly, the energy will move and change and include the 4 elements: air, earth, fire and water. Each quality will give you a different and wonderful gift, which will connect you to sense of calmness towards life and to a very deep relaxation, and a deep connection to yourself and life. This will lead to the relaxation and integration phase, this phase will last for some time, in which release and more relaxation will be possible. 

the tying process It is soft, safe and basic. There is communication throughout the session and a discussion of boundaries at the beginning.


Couple session

You can come as an individual or as a couple (with your partner, friend etc).

The couple's experience allows for a shared experience in which you both relax and surrender to what the session brings, together in the same space. 

We will agree in advance if you want a shared and physically close experience between you, or if you prefer to experience separately but in the same space. 

Either way you will come out relaxed and more connected to life and to each other. You will build trust between you and will remember the possibility to let go and surrender in the presence of the other. 


Single session


for a 3 hours session

Couple session


288€ per couple

for a 3 hours session

☤ Payment is in advance only, at the time of setting the session.

You can pay cash, bank transfer and credit card (max 2 payments on credit card)

 The sessions are taking place in El Médano, Tenerife, Spain.

☤ Before scheduling a session, I usually ask for a short video call where we get to know each other a bit, I will give room for questions and if it suits us, we can also schedule.

I want!

what is the next step?

Please fill out the form here, in the link.

If there is a match, I will contact you to set up a video call/session.


Please sent to email

Or fill out the registration form with the question and I'll get back to you.



I had a strong and significant experience,
I felt that many emotional charges moved out of the way and allowed me to meet myself in a very primal, quiet and clear place.

In the days that followed, I felt a new and playful spirit blowing through me and reminding me that life is a game, even in challenging moments.

Curious to taste more of this medicine, thank you 🙏🤍


The session that Ela Satyam offered me promised release and devotion.

I came to her after a stormy and stressful period

And I found myself in a breathing session that prepared me for the stage of touch from her amazing hands and the rope she used

Throughout four types of contact according to the different elements, I found myself sinking into a calmness and peace that accompanied me even hours after I left the session.


I came to the meeting with a desire to surrender. To further deepen my devotion and let-go to the moment and release fear of losing control.

Ela Satyam kept the space in a very professional, attentive and present way. 

The session was very relaxing, the combination of the touch of air, water and fire, with the rope hugging me and the presence of these, put me into a very deep and calm state of relaxation, which continued with me throughout the day.

I highly recommend trying this session, surrendering to the moment and releasing control in the hands of the godess Ela :)


Ela Satyam | Rope therapy Ela Satyam | Ropes

Ela Satyam

Facilitator, creator, therapist, producer, entrepreneur, priestess at the Temple of Life and owner of the brand ALIVE.

I am here to bring you back to home, to the body, to authenticity, pleasure, aliveness, and deep relaxation through work with the body, breathing and life force energy, emotional release and emotional expression and de-armoring processes. working with groups and individuals.

I am here to support your awakening to life and its celebration by creating extraordinary events, spaces for play and exploration, spaces for opening and development towards a happier, more pleasurable and more fulfilling life experience.

I have a decade of experience working with the body, breathing and life energy system.

Specializing in working with the body and breathing using the "Pulsation" methode.


Read more about Ela Satyam


This moment when he is bound by ropes, in complete relaxation, lying on the mattress, in infinite, divine pleasure... plunging into the depths of the cosmic ocean, like a wave that has returned home....


I sit there with him (or her), just sitting, doing nothing and letting this sacred surrendering be, for a person's encounter with his true nature, upon returning home...


This goes on for a while, the last part of the session... the end point of the session is approaching and slowly I bring him back into the space, inviting him to see my eyes.

It's always a bit sad for me at this moment, I would like to allow her or him more and more time in this and that's why I always tell them that there is no need to change anything, and with exactly the same feeling they can slowly open their eyes, without changing anything. And they open... and the look from their eyes... Oh, a quiet ocean of love - it's the closest to indescribable.


I untie the ropes little by little and tells them that what they feel, it's not something I gave them. It is theirs, it is with them, it is the universe, it is the source from which they came and to which they will return, it is what is always here in us and around us and here, in the session, with my help, they remembered the possibility of letting go and surrendering. The rope supported this and my guidance, but this surrendering is not really an action that one does. There is no need for someone else to surrender to. It's a state of being. a devotional state. And they remember... how sweet is the reminder of trust, surrender and devotion, to love, to the universe. How pleasant it is to open the door to the godliness.


I am here in the service of reminding you of the devotion with my ropes partners, the breathing and the work with the body that help us release tensions from the body and then support us in meeting the life force and the void towards bliss and pleasantness that goes with us because we remembered.

תרפיית חבלים | עבודת גוף ונשימה ושיבארי
Image by Jon Tyson
Image by Lua Valentia

“The ultimate meditation is: surrender to reality. The more you fight, the more you are in conflict with it, the more you will be a loser. In deep surrender, the ego disappears. And when the ego is not there, for the first time you become aware of that which has always been there”


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